Friday, July 6, 2007

rule number one

never blog when drunk. it took me forever to type in my password correctly. now, it's become a game to see how long i can write without screwing up too bad. back from arizona. insane family tyrip. 4 nose bleeds, a crazy aunt and a ghost is enough to make anyone freak their shit. flagstaff and sedona are lovely. overall, i really enjoyued my time there. except, it's just too bloody hot, 115 is ridiculous. i hate the weather there now. plus, it made my hair go stick straight, a very strange thing for a curly haired girl. ok, now i'm really tired of typing. need to sleep, feel sick. trying to organzine my pictures is challenging at the moment. here are some images of the historic weatherford hotel. i think i was visited by a ghost there, in fact i'm sure of it. cheers.


Jessica said...

Um Maria that hotel does look haunted. Is that why you guys stayed there? Are you, like, ghostbusters or something? I looked at your Flickr and saw you went to the Grand Canyon. I've never been there. Did you go in that glass thingy? I updated my blog with pictures from our road trip to Ohio last weekend. All were taken in the golden hour. I love summer light!

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