Saturday, December 20, 2008


Photos taken from the balcony of my old apartment in Chicago, winter 2007.

This is what I don't miss about Chicago at the moment. This is why I'm not there right now. The southern california sun today brought me such happiness. Feels real nice to know that when I go to my friends party tonight, I don't have to wear a million layers and brace myself for the bone chilling tundra. In fact, I'm wearing a dress with no tights!

It's bittersweet though cause in the middle of all this, I miss the smiles of so many of my friends faces especially with Holiday's approaching. I can't believe I have no plans for Christmas this year. Where am I? Ughh. No parties, no cocktails, no prosecco, no chippino, no brother, no hugs. I could cry thinking about it. But, I choose this. This is where I am. At last. Thank god!

I imagine everyone will enjoy the tomato pie I'm making right now. "Cooter Pie" as it's know in some circles. Mulled wine, ginger bread, white bean soup, spiced egg nog. It's on.

Happy December 20th, 2008.

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